Paycheck Independence Day
Learn How to Use Your Paycheck to Stop Needing a Paycheck
Thomas P. Rood
Let's Find $500
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Can't Get Out of Debt? Good News! Getting Out of Debt Is NOT STEP 1 Learn how.

Parents RUIN their kids financial future giving them work to do around the house and an allowance. Learn why.
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Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck
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How hard is it
to read this book?
Ask people who have read it!
"When I first read this book, I literally read it straight through." --Marina K.

"The book is ... written in a very interesting and easy to read tone." --Victoria A.

"I highly recommend this great easy to read book." --Danyela H.

"...what impressed me the most was this book's readability. The language is simple enough for readers with all levels of proficiency, and that's hard to find!" --Jane F.

From the author: The most consistent compliment I get about Paycheck Independence Day is how easy it is to read the book.
How hard is it to do what this book says to do?

Thomas Rood
From the author: I developed the Paycheck Independence Day money management system back in 2004 for my own personal use. Back then, I had no intention of ever writing a book. I simply needed a money management system that would let me stop needing a paycheck to pay bills. Of course, I made the system easy to use. Why would I make it hard for myself? Now that I am sharing the system with everyone, the good news is that it's easy for you, too. So, how easy is it? Well...

Can you make a list of your bills? I hope so. Paycheck Independence Day introduces new categories of bills that will determine how you stop paying them from your paycheck. It will even tell you in what sequence to eliminate each bill in order to make it easiest for you. You systematically eliminate bills one-by-one and you get to enjoy the results immediately. There is only one mathematical equation in the book and, as I like to say "If you know how to use a calculator and you made it out of fourth grade, you can do this equation."

I suggest that you pick up a copy of the book and read it. Chapter 7 is titled "The Hard Part Made Easy - Getting Started" and it has checklists to help you do just that: get started. After reading the book, if you have any questions, come on back to this website. Somebody may have already asked the same questions. If not, click on the "Question or Comment" link and ask them yourself. I love to answer questions.

My wife and I have 9 bills that we do not pay out of our paychecks. That's really nice for us and I want it to be nice for you, too. Give it a try. You'll be glad you did.
-- Thomas Rood, author of Paycheck Independence Day
Media Coverage of Thomas Rood and Paycheck Independence Day

Thomas Rood with Sheba Turk of
"The 504" TV show in New Orleans
The 504
with Sheba Turk
New Orleans, LA
Sheba Turk liked Paycheck Independence Day so much that she asked Thomas Rood to do two segments on her show.  You can see both segments in this one video. Watch
Sac & Co
with Mellisa Paul
Sacramento, CA
Mellisa Paul interviews Thomas Rood about his new book Paycheck Independence Day on her television show, Sac & Co, from Sacramento, CA. Watch
Yahoo! Finance
The Daily Ticker
with Lauren Lyster
Lauren Lyster of The Daily Ticker does a satellite interview with Thomas Rood in San Francisco, CA about his book Paycheck Independence Day. Watch writer Buck Wargo explains how Paycheck Independence Day can make your retirement funds last longer
Thomas Rood writes about Job Security vs. Income Security on
CEO Magazine
CEO Magazine features an article by Thomas Rood on how to prepare yourself to start a business.
Other Media Coverage
Radio talk show Finesse with Felicia in Austin, TX featured Thomas Rood and Paycheck Independence Day

Thomas Rood was interviewed by Larry Bennett with radio station KJBN 1050 AM in Little Rock, Arkansas

Thomas Rood was interviewed by James Munroe with radio show 680 News in Toronto, Canada

Magic City Morning Star includes Paycheck Independence Day in its Book Basket

Paycheck Independence Day Learning Center

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